DC Topology Information

Last updated: July 23, 2019

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Topology Overview

INE's CCIE DCv2 Topology is made up of six "racks" of equipment, which interconnect to form larger topologies. Equipment in the topology includes a mix of the following:

  • Nexus 9300s (Running in ACI mode)
  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC)
  • Nexus 7000s w/ F3 Linecards
  • Nexus 5600s
  • Nexus 2300 & 2200 Fabric Extenders (FEXes)
  • UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnects (FIs)
  • UCS B Series Blade Servers
  • UCS C Series Rack Mount Servers
  • Fibre Channel Storage Array
  • iSCSI Storage Array
  • Nexus 1000v Virtual Switches
  • CSR1000v Virtual Routers
  • ASAv Virtual Firewalls
  • UCS Director
  • UCS Central
  • VMWare ESXi Servers
  • VMWare vCenter Servers
  • Windows Servers

Rack Rental Devices

Each rack includes dedicated access to Nexus 7Ks, 5Ks, & Windows Server Jumpboxes, and shared access to ACI, UCS, FEXes, and other Virtual Machines. See the table below for the specific rack number to device assignments, and the attached diagram for the physical wiring details.

Rack Nexus 7Ks Nexus 5Ks Windows Servers Nexus 2Ks (FEXes) UCS C Servers
Rack 1 N7K1 & N7K2 N5K1 & N5K2 Server 1 & 2 N2K3 & N2K4 C200-1
Rack 2 N7K3 & N7K4 N5K3 & N5K4 Server 3 & 4 N2K3 & N2K4 C200-1
Rack 3 N7K5 & N7K6 N5K5 & N5K6 Server 5 & 6 N2K5 & N2K6 C200-2
Rack 4 N7K7 & N7K8 N5K7 & N5K8 Server 7 & 8 N2K5 & N2K6 C200-2
Rack 5 N7K9 & N7K10 N5K9 & N5K10 Server 9 & 10 N2K7 & N2K8 C200-3
Rack 6 N7K11 & N7K12 N5K11 & N5K12 Server 11 & 12 N2K7 & N2K8 C200-3

Nexus 9000s (ACI)

Each rack includes shared access to two Nexus 9300 ACI Leafs, one Nexus 9300 ACI Spine, and the Cisco APIC Controller. The Nexus 9K Leafs physically connect to the Nexus 7Ks, and to a pair of Nexus 2300 Fabric Extenders (FEXes) which are dual 10GigE attached to a UCS C-Series Server.

Nexus 7000s

Each rack includes dedicated access to two Nexus 7K VDCs with F3 linecards, supporting both layer 2 & layer 3 features. The Nexus 7Ks physically connect to both the Nexus 5Ks and Nexus 9K ACI Leafs.

Nexus 5000s

Each rack includes dedicated access to two Nexus 5600s, supporting layer 2 & layer 3 Ethernet/IP LAN Switching and FC/FCoE SAN Switching. The Nexus 5Ks physically connect northbound (upstream) to the Nexus 7Ks, and southbound (downstream) to the Windows Server Jumpboxes, Nexus 2K Fabric Extenders (FEXes), UCS Fabric Interconnects (UCS FIs), and both Fibre Channel & iSCSI Storage Arrays.

Windows Servers

Each rack includes dedicated access to two Windows Server Jumpboxes, each with dual 10GigE links connecting to the Nexus 5Ks, and an out-of-band NIC used to manage the ACI, UCS, and other GUI devices.

Nexus 2000s & UCS C-Series Servers

Each rack includes shared access to two Nexus 2200 Fabric Extenders, which connect to shared UCS C-Series Servers. See the Fabric Extender labs for more information on accessing these devices.

UCS B-Series Servers

Each rack includes shared access to two pairs of UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnects (FIs), with each pair of FIs connecting to a unique UCS B-Series Blade Chassis. UCS FIs connect upstream to the Nexus 5Ks through both Ethernet and Native Fibre Channel.

Backbone Devices

Each rack includes shared access to backbone devices such as Fibre Channel & iSCSI Storage Arrays, VMWare ESXi Servers, CSR1000v Virtual Routers, etc. Login credentials for these devices are listed below.

Device Numbering & Management IP Addressing

Use the below numbering scheme for any task that references "use X, where X is the device number". Devices in the topology are pre-configured with management IP addressing as follows. Do not modify any management IP addresses.

Device Device Number Management IP
N5K1 51
N5K2 52
N5K3 53
N5K4 54
N5K5 55
N5K6 56
N5K7 57
N5K8 58
N5K9 59
N5K10 60
N5K11 61
N5K12 62
N7K1 71
N7K2 72
N7K3 73
N7K4 74
N7K5 75
N7K6 76
N7K7 77
N7K8 78
N7K9 79
N7K10 80
N7K11 81
N7K12 82

Login Credentials & Additional Device Addressing

All NX-OS logins/passwords are cisco/cisco. Additional devices pre-configured management IP addresses and credentials, such as the UCS Fabric Interconnects, are listed below. Do not modify any management IP addresses or username/password credentials on any of these boxes.

Device Management IP Username Password
Access Server N/A
APIC GUI cisco cisco
N7K1-ADMIN cisco cisco
N7K2-ADMIN cisco cisco
DC Rack1 Server 1 administrator cisco
DC Rack1 Server 2 administrator cisco
DC Rack2 Server 3 administrator cisco
DC Rack2 Server 4 administrator cisco
DC Rack3 Server 5 administrator cisco
DC Rack3 Server 6 administrator cisco
DC Rack4 Server 7 administrator cisco
DC Rack4 Server 8 administrator cisco
DC Rack5 Server 9 administrator cisco
DC Rack5 Server 10 administrator cisco
DC Rack6 Server 11 administrator cisco
DC Rack6 Server 12 administrator cisco
N7K_SAN_A cisco cisco
N7K_SAN_B cisco cisco
UCS1 FI Cluster cisco cisco
UCS1 FI-A cisco cisco
UCS1 FI-B cisco cisco
UCS Director admin Cciedc01
UCS Central admin Cciedc01
UCS C220-M4 CIMC cisco cisco
UCS C200-M2-1 CIMC cisco cisco
UCS C200-M2-2 CIMC cisco cisco
UCS C200-M2-3 CIMC cisco cisco
UCS2 FI Cluster cisco cisco
UCS2 FI-A cisco cisco
UCS2 FI-B cisco cisco
Nexus-MGMT-SW cisco cisco

UCS & VMWare IP Addressing

Use the following IP addresses for UCS C Series & B Series servers to talk to VMWare vCenter and Nexus 1000v. Specific instructions for accessing these boxes are included in the individual lab exercises that require the usage of them.

Device IP Address Username Password
CSR1000v (DNS) cisco cisco
N1Kv-1 admin Cciedc01
N1Kv-2 admin Cciedc01
N1Kv-3 admin Cciedc01
ESXi-1 root Cciedc01
ESXi-2 root Cciedc01
ESXi-3 root Cciedc01
VCSA-1 administrator@ine.local Cciedc01!
VCSA-2 administrator@ine.local Cciedc01!
VCSA-3 administrator@ine.local Cciedc01!
C200-M2-1 ESXi root Cciedc01
C200-M2-2 ESXi root Cciedc01
C200-M2-3 ESXi root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-1 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-2 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-3 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-4 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-5 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-6 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-7 root Cciedc01
UCS1-Blade-8 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-1 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-2 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-3 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-4 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-5 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-6 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-7 root Cciedc01
UCS2-Blade-8 root Cciedc01
Default Gateway N/A N/A
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