Submitting an Emergency Support Ticket

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Submitting an Emergency Support Ticket

Last updated: July 26, 2014

An emergency ticket is warranted in the following situations:

  • Hardware failure in any device of the lab rack
  • Can’t log in via
  • Can’t connect to lab rack devices from the access server
  • Rack control panel failure
  • Can’t establish a VPN link to

If your issue is not one of these, see the next section, Submitting a Support Request Ticket. We assume that, before you submit an emergency support ticket, you have tried the troubleshooting tips described in Common Lab Rack Access Problems and Their Solutions above, and that the tips didn’t solve the problem. We also assume that you have collected debugging information to show the problem and have include that information in your ticket. This is particularly important to debugging VPN portal access problems.

To submit a ticket, please log in to your Members account and click the red Emergency Ticket button.


If you have multiple rack reservations, select the lab rack that is the subject of the ticket under “Which rack do you want to send a ticket for?”

Select the type of problem (under “What type of problem do you wish to report?”) that best describes the nature of the problem. In the Details box, provide as much information as you can to show the nature of the problem and what you’ve done to resolve it. Then click the Submit Ticket button to launch your ticket.


For problems connecting to our TELNET gateway, please include a traceroute report (not just a ping report) from your location to so we can begin investigating the problem when we receive the ticket.

For problems connecting to our VPN gateway, please include debugging information.

You will then see confirmation that your ticket has been submitted.


Initial submission of an emergency ticket causes our system to page the on-duty technician. Additions to an emergency ticket do not cause the technician to be paged.

Our response time to emergency tickets is usually less than 30 minutes. If the problem can’t be fixed quickly, our on-duty technician will respond to your ticket, perform adjustments, and respond again when the work is completed.

The confirmation email will provide details on how to access your ticket in for updates.

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