Servers Accessed Using a Web Browser

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Servers Accessed Using a Web Browser

Last updated: March 23, 2019

Your rack has the following servers available for access via a web browser:

Device/Server IP Address FQDN User Name Password
HQ CUCM Publisher admin cciecollab
HQ CUCM Subscriber admin cciecollab
HQ CUCM SME administrator cciecollab
HQ Unity Connection administrator cciecollab
HQ IM and Presence administrator cciecollab
HQ Contact Center Express administrator cciecollab
HQ Expressway E admin cciecollab
HQ Expressway C administrator cciecollab
HQ Cisco Meeting Server administrator cciecollab
SB CUCM Publisher admin cciecollab
SB IM and Presence administrator cciecollab
SB Expressway C admin cciecollab
SC CUCM Publisher administrator cciecollab
SC IM and Presence administrator cciecollab
SC CUE administrator cciecollab
PSTN UCM Pub admin cciecollab

To access these servers:

Open a web browser of your choice and establish an HTTPS connection using the URL from the table.


Click through the certificate warnings to access the page. In the case of Mozilla Firefox you will need to add an exception. Click the Advanced button and then Add Exception to create an exception for the web page.


When the Add Security Exception window opens click on the Confirm Security Exception button.


Each browser handles invalid certificates slightly differently so adjust for your particular browser.

You will now see the normal Cisco UCM admin portal page caption

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