Last updated: July 26, 2014

Our technical staff are trained to:

  • Perform repairs on (or, if necessary, perform replacement of) our routers, switches, security appliances, and cabling within our lab racks and within our infrastructure.
  • Identify in-the-cloud issues with your access to our TELNET and VPN gateways.
  • Fix authentication issues with your access to our TELNET and VPN gateways.
  • Use our cable and interface check reports, generated before your session starts, to speed repair of your lab rack and verify that the repair was effective.
  • Fix problems with lab rack bookings.

The cable and interface check that is run before your session or sessions detects problems with the rack before you start and identifies the failures it detects. This facility eliminates the need for our technicians to perform diagnostic checking during your rack session to locate a failed cable or interface. Our automation also keeps extensive logs of its actions, and the results of those actions, to speed identification of the cause of a problem.

Our sales team can:

  • Carry out purchase and accounting of lab rack tokens.
  • Perform bulk booking of lab rack sessions.
  • Resolve conflicts between Bootcamps and self-paced customer rentals.

INE staff also handles issues for its products via the INE Online Community ( for its products and related tasks and questions:

  • INE workbooks
  • INE video products
  • INE Bootcamps and workshops
  • INE purchases and discounts
  • Details on setting up Cisco equipment to implement a lab solution or scenario requirement
  • Operation of Cisco software
  • Technology questions, such as questions about CUCM, CUPS, IP phone, or AIM-CUE configuration
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