Power-Cycling Your Lab Rack Devices

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Power-Cycling Your Lab Rack Devices

Last updated: March 22, 2019

Sometimes your configuration can cause a router or switch to freeze or overwhelm the console port. When this happens and you can't stop its output or break it out of a frozen state the only recurse is to power cycle the device.

  1. From the Device Management tab, left-click on the device that you would like to power cycle.
  2. Select Power Cycle.


The Control Panel will send a command to our automation software to turn the device off for five seconds and then turn it back on. We recommend that you have a telnet session to the device so that you can monitor the power-up and IOS image loading and starting. If your configuration, saved in NVRAM, caused the device to fail, you may need to force the device into ROMMON mode to bypass loading the problem configuration saved in the device. Use the device-specific method for clearing out the configuration from NVRAM, and then let the device boot again.

You will not get any confirmation dialog box when you power cycle one of the routers or the switch in your rack. You will see a progress bar for a few seconds while the automation confirms that the device was power cycled.

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