Loading Configurations into Your Routers and Switches

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Loading Configurations into Your Routers and Switches

Last updated: March 22, 2019

You have the ability to load a previously saved configuration or one of the initial configs onto your rack. If you do not select a configuration to load onto your before your sessions starts, then the automation will load the Default Collaboration Config onto your rack. This configuration is created by our instructor and configures layer 2 and 3 networking so that you have network reachability to all of your rack devices - both physiclal and virtual.

Only the physical devices (R1, R2 and SW1) have the abuility to save and load the configuration using our automation. There is no method to save or load configurations to the Cisco servers or the Windows VMs in the rack. .

To load a configuration on to your routers and switch:

  1. Log in to your Members account at rentals.ine.com
  2. Locate your current rack rental in the Curretn Session(s) panel
  3. Click on the Control Panel for the desires session if you have mor ethan one
  4. From the Device Management tab, select the configuration you want to load from the Select Configuration drop-down menu
  5. Click the Load Config button


A confirmation dialog box will appear asking your to confirm that you want to load this configuration onto your rack


While the configuration is loading you will see a progress bar giving you an idea of how much time is left to finish loading the config onto the devices. The progress bar is not linear and can jump from 75% to 100%.


Note that the configuration can take up to 15 minutes to load but generally takes 6 to 7 minutes. If the configuration is not finished loading after 10 minutes, please reload the page in case you lost network access to the Rentals web page. You can also try connecting to one of the devices through the telnet portal racks.ine.com. If the telnet portal allows you to connect to the device, you know that your config is finished loading as the automation only allows you to connect once it is finished.

While the configuration is being loaded on your lab rack, any active telnet sessions to the rack devices are closed. Please do not try to access any of the router or switch devices over your VPN link. Doing so may interrupt our automation’s loading process and corrupt the configuration load. You will normally lose access to he Cisco Appliances and Windows VMs while the config is being loaded since the three physical devices are rebooted during the config load process and all of the networking goes through these three core devices.

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