Initial Configurations

Last updated: March 22, 2019

There are two inital configurations in the Select Configuration drop-down found on the the Device Management tab in the Control Panel.

  • Erase All configs
  • Default Collaboration Config

The Erase All Configs template resets the three physical devices back to nearly the Cisco factory config state expcept for applying the correct hostname to each device.

The Default Collaboration Config is what is loaded onto your rack at the start of your session unless you pre-load your own configuration. This config provides layer 2 and 3 networking and allows you to connect to all of the devices in your rack wihhout needing to do any configuration on the R1, R2 and SW1 devices.


If you left-click on one of the physical devices on the Device Management tab in the Control Panel and select Reset Config, the automation will load the config for that device from the Default Collaboration Config.


You can find and download the Default Collaboration Config as a zip file from the Lab Rack Diagram web page by clicking on the Resources button. You will also find the Topology Diagram as a PDF here as well.

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