Controlling IP Phones

Last updated: March 21, 2019

Remotely Controlling the IP Phones Attached to INE Racks

Each rack has 2 Cisco 8845 IP phones attached directly to the rack switch.

These phones can be remotely controlled in three ways

  • Limited functionality using any standard web browser on your local computer (when connected to the rack using SSL VPN) to connect to the HTTP GUI on the phone
  • Using RDP to connect to the Jabber 1 PC and using the UnifiedFX PhoneView software to have full control over the phones including remotely viewing the video stream
  • Connecting to the UnifiedFX PhoneView web server running on Jabber 1 PC from your local web browser (when connected to the rack using SSL VPN)

More information about IP phone placement can be found in the diagram in Section 3, and information about how to control these IP phones is found in the section Remote IP Phone Control via Web Browser.

More information about the SSL VPN can be found in the Section Accessing Rack Servers via Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN.

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