Control Panel Overview

Last updated: March 22, 2019

The new Collaboration Control Panel allows you to control and access your rack devices in one place. The Control Panel eliminates the need to use a telnet client to access the console ports of the rack devices and provides a clickable topology that allows you to quickly access your rack devices.


From the Device Management tab of the Control Panel, you can:

  • Telnet to a rack device using just your browser
  • Load and save configs to our database
  • Download the active configs to your computer as a zip file
  • Open a 911 ticket if you are experiencing issues with your rack hardware or rack access
  • Clear a console line
  • Power cycle routers and switches
  • Reset the routers and reset the switches to a default configuration that provides full IP connectivity on a per-device basis
  • Reset VM servers to their default (blank) configuration
  • View the running config on a device without opening a telnet session to the device

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