Last updated: June 2, 2017

This guide describes how to access our Routing & Switching Lab Racks. Specifically, it describes how to access each of the devices described below within the lab rack from your location, and how to use our automation system's customer control panels.

Your lab rack consists of:

  • Four routers (two Cisco 2811 routers and two Cisco 1841 routers)
  • Three Catalyst switches (Catalyst 3560s)



You have the ability to access each device's console using a traditional Telent client or just your web browser. You can load configs to your rack using INE-created configs that correspond to workbook tasks and labs and save your running configs so that you can load them later all using our rack automation software. If you are not familiar with using our INE Rack Rental Control Panel to find-and-load pre-configurations we'd advise you to watch the video series titled, How to use INE's Rack Rental system for CCNA and CCNP Preparation1


Unless otherwise directed in the workbook labs, if you need to set an enable password or vty password, use the user name cisco and password cisco, all lowercase.

Do not use any password other than cisco on the switches, because password recovery can only be done by our technicians physically accessing the device.

IP Addressing

All IP addresses used inside the rack's isolated environment are the same for all CCNA/CCNP racks. If you are assigned Rack-1, the IP address for all your internal routers and switches will be the same as if you were assigned Rack-7.

Minimum Necessary Equipment

  • Web browser 2
  • A Telnet client (such as PuTTY or HyperTerminal) is optional, but helpful.

There is no additional requirement other than your web browser to be able to access your rack.

Static IP address recommended: We strongly recommend that you use an Internet connection at your location that utilizes a static IP address to link to your ISP. Students have successfully worked with our racks using services that lease IP addresses via DHCP; however, some students have found that the ISP lease policies of the service they use cause frequent disconnections. Also, ISPs who give you a static IP address typically don't block the TCP ports that you need to work with our racks.

Session Reminder Email Message

When your lab rack has been set up, the automation system will send you a reminder email message at the start of the session. The reminder message includes the assigned rack and the password for the session.

  1. You may save a great amount of time during your session by loading and saving configs to flash: and using the Configuration Rollback and Replace feature found in your routers and switches. You can see a demonstration here: 

  2. If you choose to access the rack through the Telnet Gateway, you will need a telnet client. 

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